Hi, everyone! I’m back with yet another post for this really fun challenge. 

Today…I will be talking about one of my favorite weapons used in anime. When it comes to weaponry or armor in anime, I’m a bit judgemental because a few of them are a bit cheesy and cliché, in my opinion. In addition, I have only seen a couple of anime that have unique weapons, yet those anime have some of the best weaponry I’ve seen when watching television. Choosing my favorite weapon was a bit difficult for today’s challenge, but I was able to come up with one.

And that piece of weponry would be… 

Tessaiga from InuYasha!

This sword, in my opinion, defines who InuYasha is and it definitely revolves around the plot of the series. This weapon may look like just a regular sword, but it can do so much more!

Besides changing it’s form, this demonic swords comes with incredible abilities such as absorbing power and energy from other weapons. Also, it’s able to create​ a barrier to protect itself, and allows the wielder to launch special attacks, including InuYasha’s signature Wind Scar Attack – an ability that can slay hundreds of demons at a time! How cool is that?!