Hi, readers!! I’m back with the twenty first anime challenge post, but I only have nine more to go after this. Again, thank you bunches for reading and liking these shorter posts! They’ve been a lot of fun yet challenging to do…but hey, that’s the fun of it!

For today’s challenge, I will be discussing my favorite goofy anime character. Now, there are a lot of silly, comical characters in anime, but not a lot of them seemed to peak my interest, really. Sometimes, goofy anime characters tend to be…too silly and my focus would drift away from them, and over to the more serious ones.

That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them, though! There are a few that I consider to be great comical relief characters, and one of them has made it into this post. And that person would be…

Sasha Braus from Attack on Titan.

I have to say, Sasha has been my one of my favorites from the franchise since I first started the series. She’s kind, witty, bubbly, upbeat, and very outgoing. Ever since the third episode of the series, she has been my favorite comical relief character. Sasha just lights up the AoT world and makes me laugh just about everytime she’s on the screen.

Oh, and not to mention, she loves potatoes…and eats them all the time, specifically in the first season.

As time goes on in the second season, her character develops, but that doesn’t change the fact she’s still a funny, entertaining character. I hope to see more of her in season three, and her comical acts.