Ladies and gentlemen, today is the day that I will be talking about my twelfth post for this challenge! I have been really enjoying making this short yet awesome posts, and reading the comments that a few of you have put on here. So, thank you so much to those of you who have commented on my posts!

Now, today I will be talking about a very emotional anime scene, since today’s challenge is to talk about the saddest anime scene I have witnessed. This…this was very tricky to put together because I always watch sad anime. I don’t know, those types of anime seem to entertain me because of how well put together they are.

Without further ado, the saddest anime moment I have seen so far has to be from an underrated anime called Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, where the main character, Mirai, had found Yuki, her little brother’s, note inside of her phone. 

Synopsis: Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is about two siblings named Mirai and Yuki, who are caught in a deadly earthquake after visiting a robot exhibit in the city by themselves, without their parents.  After a deadly earthquake destroys the whole Tokyo Bay area, the two siblings try to walk back home with a young woman named Mari Kusakabe and try to find their parents. 

After dealing with the loss of her little brother during a massive earthquake, Mirai goes through a depression and refuses to spend time with her family…let alone leave the comfort of her bedroom. In that little note left in Mirai’s messages, Yuki talks of wanting to get a phone so that he could email his older sister, and that they should “…try hard and keep walking…” (This is a quote from the message left behind for Mirai.) Afterwards, Mirai realized that life only lasts so long, and that she should have tried harder to be kinder to her little brother. There were so many tears involved with this scene, and the emotional music in the back made it even more heart-breaking. 

Although this was such a short scene, it was so powerful that it left me in tears — actually tears — and I was bawling my eyes out for almost two hours after finishing the short, sentimental anime series.

I know this post is a huge spoiler to those of you who have not seen the series, and I apologize for that. This scene is really the saddest one I have witnessed, and I couldn’t find anything else to top this one.

If you enjoy watching tear-jerking anime like I do, then Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is definitely one that you would really love! While the art style is very different compared to other anime, the story is so well thought out, and the music in there is just stellar! In my opinion, it’s one of my top ten favorite anime. And I have not found any other sad anime that could top this one…yet. I’m not sure; we will have to just wait and see!


If you are interested in reading my review for Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, you can click the link right here!

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post, and stay tuned for more!


GG 🙂 ❤