Hiya, readers!! Welcome back to another one of my anime challenge posts! Even though these posts are a bit shorter than the ones I usually write, I’ve been enjoying putting these together for you all.

Today’s challenge for me was to talk about my favorite Mecha anime. Now, this is one of the genres I do not particularly watch often because these types of anime are not very interesting to me. While I do love sci-fi, I only watch Mecha anime if the plot seems to be steady, the story is really stellar, and if the art and animation seem to fit the series.

Without further ado, I will tell you my favorite Mecha anime I have seen so far…and that will be…

Gurren Laggan!

I have not finished this anime yet — very close, though — but I really enjoy this one, more than the Gundam franchise! It’s violent, the animation is very unique, great characters that I am going to remember for awhile, the series has an interesting post-pocalyptic storyline, the comedy is pure gold, and the mechas are truly amazing, most specifically the Gurren Laggan.

Gurren Laggan is a Mecha anime that takes the sci-fi and Mecha genres to a whole new level of excitement and entertainment. I would definitely recommend this anime to those of you who want to see a series with an interesting plot, enjoy seeing great action-packed fights, laugh out loud comedy, and great characters. 


I have not posted my review for Gurren Laggan, but I will after I finish catching up on my other reviews.

I hope you enjoyed this post…and stay tuned for my Danganronpa 3 review, which will be posted sometime tomorrow or Sunday.

Yours truly,

GG 🙂 ❤