Published: August 28th, 2012

In this young adult novel by David Levithan, the readers follow A, a guy who wakes up every morning to find himself in a different body than he was the day before.  On one particular day, though, he wakes to find himself inside the body of popular high-schooler Justin and lives the day as him.  That same day, A meets Rhiannon, Justin’s girlfriend, and instantly falls in love with her.  “Every day” after that (ha, get it…?), A longs to spend time with Rhiannon, whether he lives right next door to her, or even six hours away.  Once a confused Rhiannon finally gets to know A, the two struggle over relationships with other people and with each other.

Before reading Every Day, I had such a high hopes for the book because it seemed unique to the many other romance novels I have read.  Although by the end of the book, I was a bit disappointed with how the plot lays out and how many unanswered questions there are left for the readers to ponder upon—most of them involving A, why he uses other teenagers as his “host,” and most of all, why he jumps from one body to the other.  The hints about A in the novel are not enough for the readers to figure out the mystery about him, which makes him…not the greatest character in the novel.

My favorite characters in the novel have to be Rhiannon, A’s crush, and Nathan, one of A’s hosts.  At a certain point in the novel, Rhiannon finally finds the truth about A and the two start hanging out more often.  During these moments, the readers are able to explore a bit of her past, the problems she has with Justin, her mixed feelings for A, and her insecurities she has to deal with.  With all of these elements to her character, Levithan creates an unforgettable and courageous character that the audience will never forget.

As for Nathan, he finds that he was “possessed” and makes a big deal about it to news reporters!  As he discovers A’s email, Nathan messages him to back off or else he will take action, but soon realizes that A has been telling the truth.  From then on, he starts to help A find a new body for him to stay in for the rest of his life and help him with Rhiannon.

Besides the two stellar characters in Every Day, the novel excels in metaphorically describing the lives, backstories, and insecurities of both male and female teenage hosts A stays in.  Along with this, these characters all play a huge part in helping A deal with the obstacles he has to overcome, and learn important lessons he’ll remember for a lifetime.

Levithan’s simple young adult diction can easily bring the readers into the wonderful imagery of the novel, but that didn’t for me.  I was hoping for more metaphors, personifications, more of a mature vocabulary, and other rhetorical comparisons to find in the book.  To me, this is what I am definitely looking for any type of literature because all novels have the potential to become rhetorically effective.  If these novels do not have hidden mysteries behind their words, then the piece of literature becomes such a disappointing read.  To put it in short, this novel does not have the full rhetorically effective strategies to pull in readers looking for a challenging read.

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Overall, I was somewhat disappointed in Every Day, which brings me to rate this a two and a half out of five stars.  I know a lot of people from school who have said they love it, but I just couldn’t get into the story as much as they did because of the lack of development for A, and the failure of the novel becoming a pleasing challenge for advanced readers.  Well, I have seen in my local library a sequel to this book that is in Rhiannon’s point of view, but I don’t know if I am going to be able to bring myself to read it, even though that she is one of my favorite protagonists from the novel.

To those of you who are looking for a fun, light read, a sweet romance, and something different, this novel will definitely catch your eye.

Have you ever read this novel before?  If you have, leave a comment to tell me your opinion of the book.

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