Throughout the past week, all of the Star Wars fans have been raving on the newest movie to the newest Star Wars trilogy, The Last Jedi.  Now, this movie has been gossiped about these past couple of years, and new theories have been in the works of the die-hard fans, posted all over the internet, and even spoken about in news articles.  And speaking of those theories, some will turn out correct, some will crumble to dust, some are questioned after the movie, since this film is filled with twists and turns none of the fans will expect.  With the unexpected plot twists, great cinematography, jaw-dropping fights, well-developed stories, and likeable characters, The Last Jedi tops most of the movies in the Star Wars series.

In The Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker’s peace on his island is upended when he meets Rey, the young woman who shows strong signs of her having the Force.  When Rey asks Luke to teach her the ways of the Force, he declines, but then changes his mind, and makes a decision that will change the lives of the Light and Dark side forever.  Meanwhile, Kylo Ren and General Hux lead the First Order assault on General Leila and the Rebellion for supremacy of the Galaxy.

For the past couple of years, all of the news articles regarding this movie have the same news over and over again: “This movie will have more character development and backstories on Rey.”  Well, the articles are right about there being more growth for a few of the characters: Kylo Ren, Luke Skywalker, Fin, and a new character named Rose.  Gosh, Rose is such a great addition to the Star Wars franchise, and the movie, really, wouldn’t be complete without her.  From her character development, to her heroic actions in some of the battles shown in the movie, Rose makes such a huge impact on the movie, and she instantly becomes a favorite to a lot of people in the Star Wars fanbase.

One problem with the story is the lack of background on Rey, the main character in this newer trilogy.  All of the new articles leading up to the movie have all been news on Rey’s character development, and how the movie will mainly be about her.  And do the viewers get the story they want on the main protagonist?  Well, it’s almost fifty-fifty.  Although Rey has some important scenes in the movie, the spotlight doesn’t shine on her during the backstories, and the plot focuses more on her journey on training to become a Jedi, rather than her past and her stories on her parents.

Now, with the story aside, the cinematography for this Star Wars movie absolutely shines.  There are so many changes to the editing, movements, camera angles, color schemes, and same with the sound effects of the lightsabers.  At the beginning of the movie, when the ships zoom quickly and stop to loom over a planet, there were no words that could have been described with how well the cinematography was at that moment.  Heck, even the underrated moments of the movie have great shots or sound effects that make a huge impact of the movie!

Over the years, the soundtrack for the Star Wars saga improves with each movie that hits the theaters.  Of course, the same theme song plays with every intro, but we, the viewers have to give credit to the composers for orchestrating new tracks for each movie.  What’s impressive about these soundtracks is that the songs keep improving with each movie, and each classic sci-fi song fits with each scene it’s placed in.


All and all, despite the fact that Rey does not have the spotlight shining on her throughout The Last Jedi, the movie’s still enjoyable to a ‘T,’ leaving me giving this Star Wars movie a perfect score of five out of five stars.  With a new and modern twists, lively tracks, stunning cinematography, and jaw-dropping movie acting, the movie still has the atmosphere as the previous movies, and the new characters are just as gratifying as the others, leaving mysteries for us to theorize about their next actions in future movies.  Make sure to stay tuned for the new Han Solo movie, which will release this year, and the ninth Star Wars movie, which will be released in 2019!

Speaking of the nine movie, here are my few theories on it:

Reylo are going to be a canon ship.

Rose will live in the ninth movie.

Kylo Ren may turn to the light side because of Rey.

Happy New Year, readers!!! I hope you all celebrated the countdown of 2018, and I hope 2018 will be an awesome year for you!


GG 🙂 ❤