Hello, readers!  As I have said in my last post, I will be talking about my impressions of the mostly fascinating female characters in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.  But…why am I making a post about the characters in this game?  Because they are an interesting cast, more than the other games!  While I did enjoy the characters from the previous games, I really enjoyed seeing these interesting and unique characters grow in the game.  Well, they are all unique in their own ways, but a few of them did not strike as my favorites.  There are a few reasons for that, but I will not list them until I talk about the individual female characters.



8) Tsumugi Shirogane, The Ultimate Cosplayer


Throughout the whole game, I was suspicious of Tsumugi being the mastermind for a couple of reasons:

  • She barely had any major character development at all.
  • She did not say much during the trials.


Yes, Tsumugi’s talent is quite interesting, but she never said too much about herself, other than she worked multiple jobs to support herself and her cosplaying business. I did not like the fact that during her free time events, she didn’t do anything more than talk about her cosplaying and the supplies she used to make her cosplays realistic to a certain anime or book character.  And during the sixth trial, when she reveals that the whole Danganronpa universe wasn’t real in such a horrible way, I started to hate her even more than I did before that trial.


7) Angie Yonaga, the Ultimate Artist


At first, I loved Angie.  I thought that her character was very unique compared to the other characters in any of the games.  It isn’t every day that one would get to witness a girl obsessed with religion, and is a cinnamon roll!  But that all started to change during the second and third chapters.  She turned into this…almost rude and overprotective student when she made the student council group with her as the leader, Tsumugi, Kiibo, Angie, and Tenko.  She did not want any of the students going out after “curfew,” do anything that was even remotely harmful to the school, and she wished to actually stay in school with Atua, the god she looked up to.  She was a bit of a crazy student after she made that student council group…and I was actually relieved that she died in the third chapter.  I, honestly, could not stand hearing her talk about how amazing Atua was, and how she wanted everyone to stay in the school with Atua.


6) Miu Iruma, the Ultimate Inventor



Now, I have read a lot of mixed thoughts about Miu, and I can proudly say that I can tolerate her…mostly.  Miu was excellent in the first couple of chapters of the game, with her crude humor and comical yet offensive remarks towards the other students, but the jokes became a bit repetitive after the third chapter.  My opinion on Miu changed a bit after watching some of her free time events on YouTube.  Her past is pretty interesting and she actually does care for one of the characters in the game, Kiibo.  These two actually have a special bond throughout the game, and it was nice to see that Miu could get along with him.  She would give Kiibo some…interesting upgrades to his system, but Kiibo would talk highly of her because of her knowledge in technology.  And then…Chapter Four came along and shattered my heart.  Miu was killed in her own virtual reality game she made for her and the students to live happily…or so we thought.  Sure, Miu did want to make the game to keep her classmates safe from the despair in the killing game, but she intentionally made the game to kill Kokichi Ouma her way.  It was understandable why she wanted to kill Kokichi, but she did not have to plan her muder in such a complicated way.


5) Himiko Yumeno, the Ultimate Magician


Himiko is one of the cutest characters in the game, hands down.  She has the same personality as Chiaki Nanami from Danganronpa 2, but she’s a lot lazier and more tired.  To be honest, I thought that Himiko was going to be another Hiyoko, but I was wrong. So wrong.  She is ten times better than Hiyoko, and she has a lot of development throughout the game.  After the double murder of her two closer friends, Angie and Tenko, she felt the need to become stronger for them, and not be the tired and lazy girl she was before her friends died.  It was wonderful seeing Himiko change throughout the game, but I did not really consider her one of my top favorites because of her talent.  She says that she is a mage, but she can only perform commercial magic.  She lies about her talent in the game, an example being when a couple of the characters ask about her magic.  Himiko comes up with excuses, such as her “MP running low,” “it’s a pain to do at the moment,” etc.  If she did not lie about her talent, I would have favored her character more in the game.


4) Tenko Chabashibara, the Ultimate Aikido Master


I had thought that I would hate Tenko, the extreme feminist, throughout the whole game, but…I was wrong!  I ended up really loving Tenko, despite the fact that she hated males and anything that had to do with them.  In the first two chapters, all she would talk about was how males disgusted her and how she hated them from the bottom of her heart…but she never gave a real reason as to why she hated them, which left me with some theory I had of her: she was most likely sexually abused as a child.  She talks of how males would typically react in a certain situation, well, mainly in her perspective, possibly revealing the experiences she had with males in her past.

Though, outside of her dislikes for males, she is actually a very sweet and kind character.  When she spends time with Himiko, we, the viewers and gamers, get to see her more protective side and she makes some pretty cool monologues in the second and third chapter.  She tries to prevent Himiko from being brainwashed by Angie’s rituals and prayers to Atua, which was quite interesting to see from her.  She even faked being a member of the student council just to protect Himiko!  On top of that, she does her best to get Himiko to reveal more of her emotions to others.  To Tenko, not showing other emotions does not make one stronger, which is completely true.  The conversation between Tenko and Himiko in the third chapter before Himiko died was so heartfelt, that I actually teared up a bit.  It was most definitely one of the most memorable moments of the game, and I was really sad about her death.

3) Kirumi Tojo, the Ultimate Maid


Gosh, I loved Kirumi from the moment she showed up on my computer screen!  She’s a maid with gorgeous facial features, a kind and selfish persona, and her past is pretty interesting.  Despite the fact that she has a lot of characteristics of a Mary Sue, such as her being able to complete almost any task given to her, and her being this perfect character, but that is not the case in this game.  Kirumi actually has some character flaws to her that I did not seem to favor, like her need to help her pupils all the time.  Yes, she is a maid, but she seems to care for others and not even herself.  In the second chapter, she carried out everyone’s requests before her own, even the simplest ones.  She did not seem to mind helping with everyone’s responsibilities, but she needed some breaks, other than in the free time events.

Speaking of the free time events, Kirumi has a lot to her that I was surprised about.  She explained to Shuichi about a couple of her jobs as a maid, including her first job.  In that certain free time event, she claimed herself to not being a perfect maid, and that she is angered by not being the flawless maid for everyone.  When Kirumi had said that she is not perfect, and that she did make a few mistakes, I was quite impressed with that character aspect.  It takes a lot of guts for a character to reveal their mistakes openly.  Though, when she is found guilty of killing Ryoma Hoshi in chapter two, she hides the fact she did for her city.  She worked for the Prime Minister and took care of her city, so for her to reveal that she committed an act such as murder would have meant that she let her people down.  She wanted the people to see her as the perfect maid with no flaws whatsoever, but…that did not happen; the killing game had gotten the best of her.  All and all, Kirumi was a fantastic character and definitely one of the most memorable in the Danganronpa franchise.


2) Kaede Akamatsu, the Ultimate Pianist



Oh, the female protagonist of the game… WHY DID SHE HAVE TO BE THE FIRST TO DIE?!  She was such a sweet, pretty, kind-hearted character that I could somewhat relate to.  Kaede has the same bubbly personality as me whenever I talk about my interests, and we love the same kind of music!  I enjoy listening to classical music, more specifically piano music.  It’s so calming and beautiful to listen to.  In addition, Kaede mentions a few famous pieces by Chopin, and I recognized them!  But wait, let’s not forget the bond that she and Shuichi had.  They got along so well, and I loved each and every one of their moments together, especially the part where Kaede held Shuichi’s hand to calm him down.  It was such a sweet and tender moment, and you can see that those two had a liking for each other.  If only she had survived the killing game, she and Shuichi would have probably been in a romantic relationship.


Readers, my heart ached when she honestly admitted to her crime of “killing” Rantaro.  I knew that Kaede did not kill Rantaro in the first place, which is why her scarred me the most out of all of them in Danganronpa v3.  She decided to roll with the execution so that she could save every one of her classmates and not have them put in anymore despair than they were in after Rantaro had died.  Her execution was meaningless in the entire game, but if she wasn’t killed first then we would have not seen the development Shuichi Saihara went through after the first chapter, and the same goes with Kokichi’s character development.

1) Maki Harukawa, the Ultimate Child Caregiver


Okay…before I say anything…Maki is my favorite female character of this game, hands down.  She has the most development out of all the females in Danganronpa v3, and her “surprise” Ultimate talent was neat to learn about.  I knew from the very beginning that Maki’s talent was not being a caregiver; it was almost completely obvious because a caregiver would most likely, well, take care of others.  Maki did not seem to care for anyone else other than Kaito and Shuichi throughout the second half of the game, and she was very standoffish towards everyone.  Her real talent as an assassin was interesting to learn about, along with how she became one.  She had a whole monologue in the fourth chapter on what her life was like in the orphanage she lived in, and how she actually did care for the children she looked after.  Maki’s training as an assassin shaped her into the person she turned out to be in the game, which left me with a couple of questions: If Maki ended up staying at the orphanage, would she still have the emotionless persona that she had in the game?  If not, would she act the opposite of her normal self?

Now…onto talking about what happened in chapter five… She kind of got on my nerves during the fifth trial by the way she was acting towards Shuichi.  She kept saying hurtful things to Shuichi on how detectives should not suspect their friends, and how she kept going on about killing Kaito, when really, she shot him in the arm.  Maki ran away from the scene before things started getting really tense with Kaito and Kokichi, and she did not know anything beyond what had happened between her, Kaito, and Kokichi for that murder.  Though, things had gotten better right before Katio was executed because Maki confessed her love to Kaito.  There were so many tears falling at that moment, because Maki and Kaito were my favorite couple from that game—they still are, actually!  And the fact that Maki was crying when confessing to Kaito made the scene even more heartbreaking!  I wish that they could have at least hugged each other before Kaito died; it would have made me feel somewhat better about them not being together.


Well, there you have it!  Those are my opinions on the female characters.  I will make a list regarding the male characters of the game pretty soon!  (That list is going to be as long as this one, maybe longer.)  I hope you all enjoyed this list, and leave a comment on your favorite characters from Danganronpa v3!