Love is in the air for this review, as I will be discussing my thoughts on an underrated romantic comedy anime called Lovely Complex.  As I have said in my previous reviews, I am not the one who will watch many anime in the romance genre, mostly because of the cliché storylines.  Though, in Lovely Complex, this plot stands out from the few romance anime I’ve come across.  In addition, the main characters are relatable to one another and the viewers can sympathize for them in certain situations the protagonists come across.

The synopsis for this romantic comedy is fairly simple: Risa Koizumi, a tall girl who stands at about 5’7, starts crushing on her classmate/frenemy Atsushi Otani, who’s a lot shorter than most of his peers, standing at about 5’1.

From the first episode to the last, the development between Atsushi and Risa can relate to that of a realistic high school relationship.  The two protagonists start off as frenemies, and progress their way to forming a friendship…and then form a relationship.  Never in my life, have I seen a relationship such as this one develop so well in an anime!  It’s so realistic to real life relationships, not only because of their development, but for their height differences as well.  Not every relationship consists of a tall guy and a small girl, and not every relationship has to be picture-perfect.

Setting the side characters aside for now, there are side characters who help Atsushi and Risa get together, but they aren’t of much use.  They do have their moments in the beginning of the series where they explain their relationships with others, but they do not have much meaning to the story.  Well, there are two side characters that play more major parts of the series: Haruka and Kohori. Haruka, who happenes to be Risa’s childhood friend, starts developing feelings for her, creating a love triangle at the beginning of the series. He tries his best to grab her attention and ask her out, but unfortunately, Risa rejects him.  He starts to back away from her after finding out that Risa and Atsushi are dating at around episode eighteen. While things are just jolly between the protagonists, a kid named Kokori, a kid who works at the same restaurant as Risa. These two start becoming fast friends, making Atsushi a bit jealous.  Afterwards, there is a moment between Kokori and Risa that make the main relationship shake up a bit. (Not going to tell because of spoilers.)

Since this is an older anime series, the art style and animation does not seem as crisp and smooth as it would in a modern-day rom-com anime.  The colors look faded compared to other romance anime, but the character designs are all unique in their own way, even for the side characters.  This makes it easier for the viewers to tell which character is who and the designs are easily memorable.

In my opinion, I did not particularly enjoy listening to the two openings for the series, composed by Hironosuke Sato.  Sure, they both fit the bright, optimistic tone of the series, but I don’t necessarily enjoy listening to the poppy, more cheerful music.  On the contrary, the emotional, tear-jerking music used for the more dramatic scenes in the anime fit almost perfectly well, and sets a nice tone for those specific scenes, and even foreshadow some scenes for the later part of the series.

Unfortunately, this anime does not have an English Dub, so I watched it subbed in English.  To be honest, if there was a dub for this anime, I would not watch it because a dubbed version of this anime would ruin the whole show for me.  The Japanese voices for Lovely Complex are fresh, smooth, and they fit for the characters’ physical appearances very well.  The English voices would definitely not fit right and their dialogue would sound robotic compared to the Japanese voices, so I am partly glad that this anime does not have an English Dubbed version.

Overall, Lovely Complex is a fun and cutesy anime that all anime fans should watch, leading me to giving this anime a four out of five stars.  Despite my cons for this anime, I really enjoyed the realistic aspects of the story line and the developments of the main protagonists…and their budding romance!  Even though I do not particularly watch anime in the romance genre often, this anime was very refreshing and made me think about watching more anime from that genre.  The story for this anime is so realistic to a middle or high school relationship, and teaches the viewers that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, and each and every one of them is different in their own way.

Hello, readers! I apologize for not being able to post much; I’ve been busy with a lot of homework for school, performing at football games for my high school, and I’ve been studying for SATs and ACTs. *sigh* It’s been a really busy year so far. But, hey, I’ll be able to post a bit for the rest of the month. Danganronpa v3 was released a few weeks ago and I’ve been starting to watch the gameplays (unfortunately, I was not able to get the game because of other priorities, and I need to save money for college and a car).  After I am done binging the gameplays this week, I will be posting two reviews of the game — one overall review and a review of the characters — and then a challenge for Danganronpa since this the last game of the franchise and I want to do some more Danagnronpa posts. I’ve been obsessed with this gaming franchise since last spring, if you don’t know already.

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend, and I hope you enjoy this shorter review.  Sorry it’s shorter than my usual reviews.


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