Hello, readers! We have only two more days until this challenge is finished, and I’ve had so much fun making these shorter posts for you all. Also, thank you so much for reading them! It means a lot to me!

For today’s challenge, I have to talk about my favorite quote from an anime character.

You see, quotes are precious to me, and any good one I find, I will remember it for a good while. These powerful strings of words can identify characters as a whole, and bring some foreshadowing to an important theme later on.

There are so many anime quotes that I consider my favorite, so I will be naming a few of my most memorable ones on this post because they are all equally powerful.
1) “A lesson without pain is meaningless. For you cannot gain something without sacrificing something else in return. But once you have recovered it and made it your own… You will gain an irreplaceable Fullmetal heart.”              ~ Edward Elric  (FullMetal Alchemist)

2) “The world is cruel, but also very beautiful.” ~ Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

3) “You’re gonna carry that weight.”                   ~ Ending Title Card (Cowboy Bebop)

4) “You should enjoy the little detours to the fullest. Because that’s where you’ll find the things more important than what you want.”   ~Ging Freecss (Hunter X Hunter Wheneve

5) “No matter how much, or how often we hurt each other, loving someone is never a waste.” ~Nana Osaki (Nana)
All of these quotes have one thing in common: they all pertain to realistic moments in life. Our world isn’t perfect, yet it’s still beautiful. We all get hurt at one point or another, but there is always someone or something that will help us heal. Whenever we make a mistake, we feel as if we have to carry that weight of regret. All of these things are so realistic, and these anime quotes say it all. That’s why I love them so much, and will cherish them for a good, long while.