Hello, readers!! I’m back with my second post for today! I hope you get the chance to check out my most recent review of the new Death Note live-action movie. (Which I didn’t really like…)

Anyways, for today’s twenty seventh challenge post, I will be discussing the most badass moment from any anime character. A lot of my favorite characters have these awesome moments where they’re in the spotlight, and I’ll have to go back numerous times to watch that same scene repeatedly. 

Without further ado, I’ll name my favorite badass scene from an anime would be when Spike goes up against his old friend, Vicious, in a ful out battle!

I love this anime so much and the fights that are involved in it, specifically this one. The concluding battle for this series has combination of badass and tear jerking moments, and even some insight of the competitors’ back stories. In the background, the viewers can listen to “Real Folk Blues” while watching the nonstop action of a criminal syndicate (Vicious) against one man (Spike).

This final battle in the anime series left me staring at my screen speechlessly, with my jaw hanging open during the last moments of the battle. After watching it, I realized how much of a badass character Spike really is, which lead him to becoming my favorite in the series, tied with Fay Valentine.


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I hope you all liked this new challenge post!


GG 🙂 ❤