Hey, everyone, so I have some news for you! Tomorrow, I will be posting a review on a movie that had just released on Netflix, but I’m not telling you what it is. I’ve been watching it tonight and writing the notes down to figure out what to put in my review, and it’s been quite fun!

Anyways, I will be discussing my favorite anime fight in this post, hence the name for today’s challenge. You know, I’ve seen a bunch of anime fights, and a lot of them are amazing! It’s so hard to choose just one to talk about…but I eventually came up with one. It was one of the first big anime fights I had seen, and it’s still my favorite!

And that fight will be…

Netero vs. King Meruem!!
Oh…my gosh!! This was one of the first huge battles I had seen in an anime…and I was really impressed with this one. Two of some of the strongest characters in Hunter X Hunter come together for an epic showdown in the Chimera Arc, and it was pleasing for my eyes and ears. The animation is absolutely jaw dropping and the music used for the battle is total ear candy, which made me enjoy the battle even more!