Hello, everyone!! Today, I will be discussing a scene that is even more upsetting than from my last post. There are going to be spoilers in here, just like yesterday, so…beware of that. Anyways, let’s get started!!

Today, I will be discussing the saddest anime death I’ve viewed is from the FullMetal Alchemist franchise.

Can any of you guess?

If you guessed Nina Tucker’s death, you are correct!! *cries*

This sweet, innocent little girl was used as a experiment for her father: she turned into a cimera. After that, she was brutally murdered by one of the main antagonists, Scar.

I cried so much because Nina is a little girl…and seeing a small child– or any kid in general — being killed on the screen just…kills me inside and I will literally start balling my eyes out. The same goes with the adults as well, but if there are characters I become attached to and they die, then…I’ll just cry, a lot!