Hi, readers! Welcome back to another anime challenge post…and today, I will be talking about a certain character that really isn’t my favorite. In fact, the character I will be telling you all about gets on my very nerves, hence the challenge name for today.

Believe it or not, there are a bunch of characters I’ve come across that get on my very last nerve, so it was a bit difficult to come up with one anime character for this post.

But after going through a list of my most hated characters, I finally chose one to talk about. (No, this character is not from Danganronpanpa.) That character is… *drumroll*

Miss Amane from Death Note.

Oh…my gosh! I can’t even talk about this character without feeling the slightest bit agitated. She’s one of the most annoying, intolerable characters I have ever seen in an anime. 

In the beginning, before she revealed her identity, she seemed to be quite likeable and mysterious…but then she shows up as this appearingly dark, emo teen, but she comes off as this bubbly, energetic teen who acts so childish, immature, and naïve compared to the other characters in the series. 

In my opinion, she just about ruined Death Note for me. If she weren’t in the series, I think the anime would have been off just fine without her. The story would have more development revolving around Light and L, along with the other secondary characters.