Hiya!! I am back with another post for this awesome challenge! Instead not talking about summoning animals or favorite Mecha anime, I will be telling you all about my favorite male supporting character!

These types of characters in any series, whether it be in a TV show, cartoon, anime, etc., can be special in some way. Sometimes, they can be praised more than the main protagonists based off of their fighting skills, back-stories, or even their personalities. I think they have that charm that make me enjoy them a bit more than the main ones.

Now…I will announce my favorite male supporting character…and that would be…

Neji Hyuga from the Naruto franchise!

Most of the characters in Naruto are likeable and enjoyable to learn about…but this character, Neji Hyuga, was the most interesting out of all of them. In the first series, he had that superior yet cocky attitude towards others, which made me really dislike him at first. Though, when Neji had explained his backstory, my hatred for him faded away slowly and I had began to start liking him as the long series went on.

In the second series, Naruto: Shippuden, Neji’s attitude just about changes completely compared to the first series. He seems more quiet, calm, and skilled with his Byakugan, along with his Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palm. His physical combat and personality grows immensely throughout the course of the 300+ episode series and I love that about Neji. In the end, he becomes his calm, kind-hearted character who’ll do pretty much anything to protect his younger cousin, Hinata Hyuga, and his multiple teammates in the Hidden Leaf Village.