Hello, everyone! And welcome to, yet, another anime challenge post! Readers, we are now halfway through this awesome challenge, and I’m so excited to see that you have been reading these posts…so, thank you for that! It has been a bunch of fun showing you, readers, my favorite characters, types of anime, etc. I hope you all stick around for the next half of the challenge!

Now, today’s challenge is to discuss my favorite anime with the best animation. Those of you who’ve read a few of my reviews most likely find that I always talk about the animation quality of an anime series. Usually, I talk about how impressed I was with the animation, art style, and sometimes the characters, whether it be good or not that impressive.

For this post…I will be talking about how impressed I was with the animation in the horror series Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories. It’s quite unique from the other shows I have seen, both the animation and the series, altogether. It’s…one of a kind, in my opinion, but not my most favorite.

Synopsis: Yamishibai revolves around Kamishibais, stories about ghosts and supernatural occurrences. Each episode is about five minutes long and each one has it’s own thrilling story, yet some of the short episodes in each season seem to tie together to form a small arc of one event. 

When first viewing the show, I was a bit disinterested in the animation because it didn’t have the visuals a normal anime would. It has that picture-style animation, and the movements add to the creepiness of the series. In addition, the animation is so fluid and quite jaw-dropping at times because of how well drawn the characters and the scenery are. To be honest, if this were to have normal, fluid animation just like in most anime, then this series would not have that terrifying, skin-crawling feeling the viewers would want from a show such as Yamishibai.

In conclusion, Yamishibai has the best animation I have seen in any anime! It’s skin-crawling, smooth, and terrifying, to a point where I, sometimes, get goosebumps just from thinking about it.

If you have not seen this series yet, I would definitely recommend watching it — that is, if you enjoy watching horror series, of course. Some of the episodes are quite creepy, and a bunch are filled with jump scares, so it’s not really for the sensitive viewers. Also, if you have not seen anime before and looking for something unique and terrifying to watch, then this series will definitely have you entertained.