Hey, readers, it’s GG!! I am back with another post for this challenge…and it is quite late again as well. 

Speaking of late posts, I will be putting up these posts later on because of schoolwork…

Anyway, back to the actual topic of this post. Today, I will be talking about my favorite animal sidekick from one of my best-loved anime!

Does anyone want to take a guess?

If you guessed Kuro from Blue Exorcist, you are correct!

And why do I like him as an animal side kick? Well, there are a couple of reasons. 

1) He’s so adorable. Just look how happy and cute he is!

2) He can grow to be the size of a supernatural creature! Well, Kuro is already one, haha. In addition, he’s quite ferocious and frightening when he gets into a fight.

3) His friendship with Rin is quite adorable!! From after their first battle to the small interactions we, as the audience, tend to see, their friendship and teamwork progress throughout the series.