Hey, readers! Welcome back to yet another late post for this challenge! School had just started back up for today and I’m counting down the days until graduation (fun fact: I’m a senior in high school). 

Now, I will be talking about an anime that I have seen before, one that never gets old, no matter how many times I watch it. It is very rare for me to find an anime that I will watch and then re-watch it. 

So…the one I had chosen to talk about is one that I have already mentioned in this challenge…and that would be Attack on Titan. I’m sure a bunch of anime fans would probably agree with me, specifically the ones in the AoT fandom.

Why this anime never gets old: Because of the way the anime tells a story through it’s well developed characters, plot, beautiful soundtrack, and the suspense keeps me on my toes throughout the whole series. And while this anime does have it’s cliché moments, the anime does have a lot of excelling points that newer viewers would find entertaining in a series.