Hi!! Welcome back to another anime challenge post! I know this post is being put up later than I had originally planned. I had a lot to do today regarding getting ready to go back to school and helping around my house.

Today…I will be talking about my favorite Fighter anime!

Now…a lot of the anime I am familiar with generally fall into the “Fighter” category. Most of the ones I have seen are in this genre of anime, which made it hard for me to choose my favorite. I was going to put Attack on Titan in here, but I had already talked about it in my first post.

After thinking about my answer all day, comparing and contrasting all of the fighter anime I have seen, I have chosen to talk about…

Samurai Champloo!

Synopsis: Samurai Champloo follows a young ditzy waitress in the Edo period named Fuu who brings food to regular customers as her daily schedule…until a group of bandits come into the restaurant and try to kidnap her.  Then two unique samurai: Mugen, a fierce warrior with a fighting style with moves similar to a break dancer, and Jin, who has the traditional samurai fighting style, run to the scene and attack the bandits in the eatery and save Fuu.  After the scene, though, the two samurai begin fighting one another and accidentally kill a man named Shibui Tomonoshina, the magistrate’s son.  For this crime, they are sent to be executed, but Fuu comes to their rescue and requests them to become her bodyguards on a journey to find the “samurai who smells of sunflowers.”

Mugen isn’t the only one with the awesome battles, the viewers witness quite a few awesome battles with Jin, one of the other main protagonists in the anime. His traditional style of fighting might seem plain at first, but after watching more of the series, the audience will grow a liking to Jin’s battle strategies and moves.

After finishing Samurai Champloo, I was so glad I had watched it! This anime has so many glorious battles, the comedy is uproariously funny, and the music is unbelievable! I would recommend it to all older audiences, even to those who haven’t seen anime before. It’s truly one heck of a ride, and a memorable one at that.


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I hope you enjoyed reading my post!


GG 🙂 ❤