Hello! I’m back for yet another anime challenge post, but it’s a bit different, like it usually is. Instead of talking about my anime crushes, like I did yesterday, I will be talking about my favorite anime couple!

In any romantic, or even action-packed anime I watch, there is always that one couple that I will ship, whether it be a canon or non-canon couple. My requirements to have a favorite ship is that the two people in the relationship have chemistry with each other, and especially trust. And the couple I chose today to be on this list will be…

Shirayuke and Prince Zen from Snow White with the Red Hair. 

These two…oh my gosh they are so cute and perfect for each other!! The reason they are my favorite anime couple is because…

1) They really care for each other.

2) Their chemistry is not like any other couple I’ve seen.

3) Their trust for each other is unbelievable! 

4) The relationship actually develops throughout the series instead of rushing into it during the first few episodes.

Although I haven’t finished the season season of this anime series, the first season shows plenty of romantic moments between Zen and Shirayuke, and they are so heart-warming! Some of them have even brought a tear or two from my eyes! 

Here, have some heart-warming pictures of this lovely couple!