Ah…day 7. Probably the hardest post for this challenge! And why is it so challenging…? Well, readers, today’s challenge is naming my anime crush (or crushes). 

I’ve had quite a few anime crushes in the time I have been watching anime. I still have a couple of them, but I’m not obsessed like I used to be. So, instead of posting about one anime crush I have, I’ll be posting the anime crushes I have had in order and some of my current crushes right now. I hope you enjoy this post!

1) Killua Zoldyck (Hunter X Hunter)

2) Neji Hyuga (Naruto)

3) Sanosuke Sagara (Samurai X)

4) Armin Arlert (Attack on Titan)

(He is still one of my anime crushes XD)

5) Yukio Okumura (Blue Exorcist)

6) Makoto Tachibana (Free)

7) Byakuya Togami (Danganronpa: Trigger, Happy, Havoc and Danganronpa: The Animation)

8) Nagito Komaeda (Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair and Danganronpa 3)

 (Still one of my anime crushes!)

9) Hajime Hinata (Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair and Danganronpa 3)

 (One of my current anime crushes)

10) Izuru Kamakura (Danganronpa 3)

11) Rantaro Amami (Danganronpa v3: Killing Harmony)

 (Yes, Danganronpa fans, v3 has not been released yet, but I have seen some of the first chapter of the game and immediately started liking this character! He’s still one of my anime crushes. XD)


Yes, I understand that almost half of this list is full of characters from the same franchise. The reason is that the characters from the Danganronpa franchise are all so likeable in one way or another. 

What are your anime crushes? Leave a comment if you have one, or even multiple!


GG 🙂 ❤