As some of you may know, I do not just watch anime and video game gameplays, I am also a fan of romantic dramas.  When seeing the trailer for the Freeform series Famous in Love, I had high hopes that it would be a delightful drama because of the setting and the fact Bella Thorne, former star in Disney’s Shake it Up, was playing the main protagonist!  Soon after the fourth episode, my interest for the series started to fade away and left me wanting to pull some of my hair out because of all the drama!  But, I think the ending somewhat made up for it because it left me with my jaw dropped to the floor and wanting a second season to find the answer to the cliff hanging question: Who is Paige Townsend going to choose as her boyfriend?

In Famous in Love, the audience follows a regular college girl named Paige Townsend, who happens to nail an audition for the huge movie, Locked.  Throughout the series, she experiences loads of drama among her friends, loved ones, and her fellow cast and crew members.

Although this series has a short synopsis, it goes into much more detail as the series progresses, but there are problems with this.  Drama sparks from episode one and it usually isn’t resolved, even at the end of the season.  Not to mention, the drama is extremely heavy, even more than The Fosters!  I can’t say anything without spoiling, but I will say that the romantic aspect of the series sparks the most drama, and it ends up being a cringe-worthy soap opera by episode four.  Some of the drama, for example, when Paige’s parents find out about her new role, is acceptable and is resolved in a couple of episodes.  This part of the series can relate to so many people who are trying to achieve their dreams.  In addition, one of the biggest, unresolved dramas in the show between Paige and her two best friends, will have the audience on the edge of their seats, wondering what will happen next.  Sometimes, the drama between the trio can agitate the viewers, because the situations between them are way over the top.

Now, let’s talk about the characters in this series…

There’s nothing astonishing about them.  Almost all of these characters are Mary and Gary Sues in this season, and they do not give the plot any good development at all, except for the drama, of course.  Like I said, dramas can be entertaining when they are done right…but this show has too much of it and leaves out some of the characters’ backstories, except for mega movie star Rainer and his best friend Jordan.  The viewers will get to know their past before the main protagonist’s, and it’s interesting to learn about.  The drama between them seems like it’s resolved after a few episodes, but it all comes back in episodes nine or ten.

In the series, there is one character I actually like in the series, and that would be side character Adam, one of the PA crew members for Locked.  He’s very generous to other people, especially to Cassie, one of Paige’s best friends.  The way he treats her makes my heart melt, and even the way he cares for other around him makes him more enjoyable as a character.

The actors for the series play their characters exceptionally well, especially Bella Thorne (Paige Townsend) and Charlie DePew (Jake Salt).  During the dramatic scenes, they play the right emotions and capture the scene…but they seem to be giving a bit too much starting from episode four.  At this point of the series, this is when the drama starts to become cheesy and, at times, quite unbearable for the ones who strongly dislike loads of drama per episode.

When I wasn’t focused on the overloaded drama, I fixated my attention towards the cinematography used in the series.  I have to say, the visuals are extraordinary and jaw-dropping.  All of the colors and visual filters used are gorgeous looking and eye-catching to the audience, which will bring more attention to new viewers.  In addition, the camera work is steady and very professional, compared to a few of the other Freeform shows on at the moment. There are a couple of moments where the camera seems unsteady during some of the violent scenes, but it fits.  This makes the scenes seem more realistic than if the frames were still, not having any emotional story devices used to comprehend the situation at hand.  Props to the camera crew and video editors for making the series visually pleasurable!

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To conclude this review of Famous in Love, I will start off by rating this series at a two and a half out of five stars.  I had such high hopes for this series; I really did…but the drama really disappointed me and was really overwhelming.  I wanted more character development for Paige, Cassie, and Adam, but that didn’t happen.  Since there will possibly be a second season, I might watch it if I even have any interest in it.  Most likely, I will go find the books, read them, and review them once I’m finished, since I have heard and read more positive reviews about them.

If you like tons of drama, then I think you’d enjoy this series.  Other than that, I don’t think I could recommend this series to many people looking for good, entertaining dramas.

Warnings: Sexual Content, Some Violence, Suggestive Topics, Some Profanity.