4 Stars


Ah, the beauty of time traveling…one will get to travel through time in a blue British police box save different civilizations, help people across the world and space—except this isn’t Doctor Who. The show I am reviewing today, Timeless (Season 1), has to do with the same concept, but with a little bit more modern and realistic situations for when or even if scientists invent time machines. The producers and directors really beg these questions for the audience, especially the older viewers, about change in our history, society, and future around the world.

So, the synopsis for this TV series is very simple: three random adults named Lucy Preston, a young college history professor, Rufus Carlin, a scientist/computer hacker, and Wyatt Logan, a soldier, travel through time as they try to stop a man named Garcia Flynn from changing America’s past and changing the future for the whole world. But is it really easy to follow? Yes, it can be, unless one does not like to think about situations while watching a TV series or movie. Throughout each episode, the setting and the dates change, making the viewers ponder on why the producers chose a certain time period or history-changing event. During the middle of the episodes, the answers about the settings reveal themselves as the characters figure out their meaning of traveling to a particular place. Towards the middle of the series, though, an evil group of people are now involved and the plot revolves mostly around them, which saves the story from becoming a show full of boredom, but it isn’t until the last episode of this season (hopefully Timeless will get another season), that the story really picks up again and leaves a shocking twist for the audience.

I’ve got to say, the character development in Timeless differs from the bunch of Sci-fi books and TV shows I have come across…but not in a good way. From the beginning all the way through the middle, the development for the characters do not change at all…until we see Rufus’ and Flynn’s flashbacks and what they are fighting for. Don’t worry, the other characters have their spotlight and memorable moments, but the viewers probably will not remember those characters as much as Rufus and Flynn.

To me, the one of the keys to a perfect live-action story is the acting, and this series does have some phenomenal acting! With performances by experienced actors and actresses, Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, Malcom Barrett, and other amazing cast members, they play their roles perfectly and profoundly. All of these actors know which emotion to use, their reactions are right on point during an intense scene, and their articulation is pretty much on point. Gee, I can’t praise the acting enough for Timeless!

Something else I would also like to mention are the special effects and cinematography used in this TV show. The explosions, transitions from scene to scene, and even the background scenes are visually beautiful to look at, especially in the beginning episodes. For example, when the main protagonists went back in time when the Hindenburg exploded back in 1937. The explosion and fires made the crash look so real that I actually felt scared while watching this episode!

Overall, Timeless is a thrilling ride to watch and enjoy, especially when watching with friends. Although this series is not the most perfect of the live-action shows I have seen, it still deserves to be renewed for a second season, which is why I gave it a four out of five stars. If only there had been more exciting plot lines and character developments, then I would give it a perfect star rating. If you love history and Sci-Fi, then you have come to the right place; this series will keep you entertained from, well, from the middle of the series to the very end.

I apologize for posting this review later than I said I would; I was catching up on a really good book I was reading and then I had to babysit last night  Well, I hope you enjoyed my review!


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