The anime series Another is about a boy named Koichi Sakakibara who transfers to Yomiyama Middle School after his mother dies from an illness.  At the school, he finds that the class he is in, class 3-E, is “cursed.”  In the definition of cursed, it means that many of his pupils face mysterious and gruesome deaths and no one knows why.  He then bumps into a mysterious girl named Mei Misaki and they work together to find why their class is cursed.  (Okay, so the plot is very confusing without me spoiling it, but after getting to the middle of the series, one will be able to figure out the whole plot to be very interesting.)

I have to say, after watching Another, I was pretty fascinated by the story and felt a bit uneasy whenever my thoughts came back to the intense and suspenseful scenes.  It was so suspenseful, thrilling, and most of all, frightening!  Did I enjoy it?  Yes, I did, but there were a couple flaws that made me not rate this show a perfect 10/10.

The story was, I have to say, unique but confusing at first.  The series is almost like a puzzle that gives you little hints for what the story is really about.  That was perfect for me because I love solving mysterious while watching TV shows or reading really good thriller books.  What is not really mysterious about the series has to be most of the characters.  They do not have any character development to them, except for one character, but I will not mention her because of spoilers.  Although the characters are pretty enjoyable to learn about, it would have been nice to see at least a little bit of development in the characters, especially with the two main protagonists.

I have not seen many anime horror series, but I have to say that Another certainly fits the horror category.  There is just a little bit of blood, but that is not what make this series a horror; it’s the suspense, jump scares, and eerie music, composed by Kow Otani, that names this title as a horror.

Since a horror has to have that scary feeling, audibly and visually, it is appropriate to have an eerie art style to catch the audience’s eyes, and this anime sure has some cool visuals.  There are tons of dark colors and background to this suspenseful show that makes the audience sit on the edge of their seat the whole time, especially with the blood.  Wow, the scenes that have blood are just so…scary and will give the viewers goosebumps just by looking at the visuals!  Just look at the official posters, they are so stunning and beautiful, yet a bit eerie.

Although I enjoy watching an anime series that has at least thirty or more episodes, I was certainly entertained with having just twelve episodes.  Horrors are really meant to be short and, well, horrifying, and the creator does a splendid job with shortening the series.  If Another had been more than twenty episodes, I would have stopped watching it because the series was about to drag on with boring dialogue at about episode 10.

Now, there is one more con I will be talking about, and that is the voice acting, which was a huge letdown for me!  The dialect was not good, all of the characters’ developments were slow and monotone and a lot of it was very choppy and robotic.  As the show went on, though, the acting grew on me and I understood why the voice actors were slow and monotone: to give the series more of a horror environment, and I felt a lot more comfortable with the voice acting than I did while watching the first episode.

After giving some time to think of how I would rate this anime, I decided to give it four out of five stars because of how well done the staff and crew of this series did with creating such a suspenseful series.  If you really enjoy horror, I think you would really enjoy this series, but if you are a sensitive viewer and do not like the thought of classmates getting killed every few episodes, then this series would definitely not fit for you.  For those who want to watch Another, WATCH IT IN THE DARK!!!  You seriously will not regret it and will probably enjoy the series way more watching the show that way.

I started the series: July 8th, 2016

And finished it: July 22nd, 2016