(Instead of posting an anime or cartoon review, I am displaying a review about one of the books I’ve read previously.  Most of the time, they will be a bit more strict and, sometimes, more to-the-point than my other reviews because I read a lot and I notice a lot of tiny flaws and pros throughout a novel.)

3 Stars


Synopsis: After Scarlett Epstein’s all-time favorite TV show Lycanthrope High is canceled and her childhood best friend and crush Gideon becomes friends with the popular teenagers at their local high school, she becomes devastated and turns to her BNF’s (Big Name Fans) on a famous fanfiction site for comfort.  As time goes on at Scarlett’s high school, her situations start to reflect on her best friend Avery, the smart bookworm, and the popular kids at school.  If anybody finds out what Scarlett truly thinks of them, then drama will spark up for her and the people who truly care for her.

Since this book falls into the young adult genre, the author uses upbeat and snarky diction in this 282-page book, which will have the readers swiftly reading this in less than four hours.  The diction in this story also gives the readers a lot of imagery that pertains to the characters’ looks and personalities, and realistic situations.

Speaking of the characters, I was somewhat excited about reading this book because of how relatable Scarlett’s character was and how the book has a similar plot and main character, Cath, from the wonderful novel Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.  (I am going to post my review on Fangirl sometime soon)  Both of these plots have teenage girls who are Big Name Fan fangirls, write fanfiction about their geeky fandoms, but there are contrasting differences between them.  Cath is a much more relatable character in a sense of her social and love life, while Scarlett seems more snarky…and always moping around about how her crush, Gideon, wouldn’t notice and talk to her.  (Notice me, Senpai!!!)  This got annoying really fast because Scarlett would complain to Avery and ask her for advice on how to get Gideon, Scarlett’s childhood best friend and crush.  Throughout the novel, Gideon acts like a jerk but there is a reason why he does, which I am not going to name in case you viewers are looking to read this book.  Another problem I had Scarlett was that she drank alcoholic beverages quite a bit, and she’s only seventeen!  You would think a fangirl who’s really introverted, would almost act like a goody-two-shoes, but that’s not the case in this book.

Don’t get me wrong, the comedy is uproarious, and left me laughing out loud at some points of the novel.  With funny characters, especially Ruth, the seventy-three-year-old smoker, hilarious conversations between Scarlett and her best BNF friends, humorous metaphors and personifications for each of the characters, the comedy will have you giggling to yourself and remembering those moments for a while after finishing the book.

There was also another flaw in the novel that irritated me–still irritates me, now that I think about it–which has to be the long fanfiction chapters from the novel.  The chapters from the fanfiction that are posted every other chapter in the novel are not as enjoyable as the ones from Cath’s in Fangirl because they drag on throughout the book and there is really no imagery at all.  Although the fanfiction does connect to the plot, the reader does not have to read them throughout the story because Scarlett always talks about her fanfiction to the BNF’s online and to Avery.

Overall, Scarlett Epstein Hates it Here is a novel that had me really excited in the beginning and it somewhat let me down at the end, which is why I am giving this series a three stars.  Although the comedy and imagery shine in the story, the characters, and their development do not.  If you are wanting to read this book, then that’s totally fine, but I would recommend Fangirl, the novel I have mentioned a couple times in this review.  It has a lot of character development, enjoyable fanfiction, and a sparkling romance that the readers will remember after reading the novel.

Started the book: December 25th, 2016

Finished the book: December 25th, 2016

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