4 ½ Stars


In honor of the second season of this anime airing on crunchyroll.com six days from now, I decided to post my review of the first season of this entertaining anime series, Blue Exorcist on my blog.  With tons of action, comedic moments that will make you laugh out loud, and memorable characters, Blue Exorcist is definitely an anime series that will have you binge-watching until the very end!

Rin Okumura, a naïve and spontaneous fifteen-year-old teenager, finds out one day that he and his twin brother, Yukio Okumura, are the sons of Satan, and that Rin has Satan’s interior powers.  After the twin’s adoptive father was killed by Satan, Rin enrolls at the True Cross Academy to become an exorcist and avenge his guardian’s death.

With a typical Shounen plot, I thought the main protagonists in the series would turn out to be like the ones in Naruto—don’t get me wrong, a lot of the characters from that anime series are wonderful in their own way—but I was definitely wrong!  The creator of this series, Kazue Kato, develops his main and side protagonists in a unique way, making her audience remembering the characters even after the season ends.  Rin, for example, starts off as the angry teenager that just cares about getting revenge, but as the series shows flashbacks about him, he experiences heartfelt and hilarious moments to help him learn that there is more in life than getting revenge on Satan.  That is definitely some great character development!

The English dub voice acting is outstanding, in my opinion.  All of the voices fit each of the characters perfectly and not out of place.  All of the voice actors and actresses put a lot of hard work into making this anime’s dub excellent, especially Johnny Young Bosh, the voice of Yukio Okumura.  Bosh’s voice, out of all the others, was my favorite because his polite and somewhat shy tone fit Yukio’s personality and physical appearance well.  I would also like to give Christine Marie Cabanos, who voices my favorite side character Shiemi.  Cabanos gives Shiemi this adorable shy tone in most sinces, that that is Shiemi’s character personlaity, but when she has some scary fight scenes, she gives her character a bit of a stern and scared tone that are unique to most introverted characters in an anime series.

If you have read my other reviews, you would know that I am a huge fan of music and listening to original soundtracks (OSTs), and the Blue Exorcist OST is no exception.  From the two rocking opening themes to the background music for the battle scenes, the composer Hiroyuki Sawano composes wonderful and catchy music pieces—mostly from the pop or rock genre—that will sure stay with the viewers after the show is over.   My favorite opening theme for this anime…well, I had a hard time deciding since they are both so well composed, but I loved the first opening, Core Pride, just a bit more than the second opening, Precious Life.  With rock music along with some smooth saxophone in the background, this song will surely get the viewers pumped up before watching the episodes of this anime.

Now, I will talk about the art in this show.  The background drawings are well drawn, and most of the time very bright.  Also, Satan’s blue flames of the anime are well drawn out and very bright on the screen, grabbing a lot of attention from the audience.  As for the character designs, almost all of the characters are well drawn out different from one another making them memorable in their own way…except for one character, Shura.  Although she’s quite an awesome character, her design is very different from all the others and sticks out like a sore thumb, with her eyes drawn crookedly and her curved body has a different shape from all the other females in the series, which is my big and only con for this series.

Since before finding out that this anime will be getting a second season, I was about to give the series a somewhat low score because of the ending, probably about four stars, but since it will be getting a season 2, I decided to give the series a four and a half stars.  I’d like to thank two of my best friends (not naming them, but if they are reading this…) for showing me this hilarious action-packed series; I had such a wonderful time watching it!  If you have not seen this series and enjoy awesome battle scenes, great characters, and a lot of laugh out loud moments, then you will definitely love Blue Exorcist as much as I do.

If you have seen Blue Exorcist before, comment down below what you are looking foreward to the most about season 2! 🙂

After watching the second season, I will post my thoughts on it!