4 Stars


Ever since Nickelodeon’s debut of Fanboy and Chum Chum in 2007, the famous Nickelodeon started rolling downhill, airing one unentertaining and unwatchable show after another.  After the year of 2009 came around, I stopped watching all of the shows on Nickelodeon during the day because all of the new shows were not that great, except for the newest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, which aired in 2012.  Some examples of the atrocious shows include Robot and Monster, Sanjay and Criag, Breadwinners, Pig Goat Banana Cricket, Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, and a few more that I will not name.  Now, those of you reading this right now, if you like any of these shows, good for you; you can like what you want to like, but in my opinion, I don’t favor these cartoons.  But, during the month of May 2016, a cartoon made a huge comeback and definitely gained a lot more popularity for the channel, and that would be…*drumroll*…The Loud House!  With fun music, realistic situations to everyday life, this show will have you and your family entertained and laughing along with the hilarious moments with the Loud family.

The synopsis for this series is quite simple, but makes a great story for viewers of all ages to enjoy: Lincoln Loud, age 10 and the only brother out of ten sisters, does his best surviving with his huge and Loud family—ha, get it?  As Lincoln narrates his everyday life with his ten sisters, he ends up in certain situations that would certainly happen to people living in large families.

While watching the series, I kept thinking to myself, “Wow, this show is actually quite good and I can relate to the characters, since I live in a large family!”  A television series relatable to the viewers is one of the keys to making a wonderful show, and director Chris Savino, who has worked on shows such as Hey Arnold, Dexter’s Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls, etc., does a phenomenal job making a huge comeback for Nickelodeon.

The wonderful characters in The Loud House are what makes the show really stand out.  Yes, the characters have cliché stereotypes, but they can be relatable to many viewers.  Lincoln, the only boy out of the eleven kids, narrates his struggles living in a house full of girls; Lori, the oldest child, has a boyfriend that she constantly texts; Lenni, the not-so-bright yet sweet teenager who is into fashion; Luna, the rocker musician; Luan, the aspiring comedic who always make very cheesy yet funny puns; Lynn, the athletic tomboy; Lucy, the goth and introverted one; Lana and Lola, the twins with contrasting personalities; Lisa, the really smart girl who loves science and often has a lisp when she speaks; Lily, the baby of the family; and Clyde, Lincoln’s best friend who has an insane crush on Lori.    All of these characters’ typecasts are labeled in each individual episode to show development for the characters, which also makes the series unique, with some episodes showing all of the sisters coming to together to make epic story development.  Their relationship as a whole is fun, caring, and all of the siblings get along really well in this series, even though they do have their quarrels from time to time.

There is also another unique element that really surprised me in this series, and that will be Clyde’s dads!  That’s right, he has two fathers, and no one in the series makes a huge deal about it, as if having two dads is completely normal in the series.  The creator and director, Chris Savino, does a wonderful job showing the viewers that gay parents are becoming more prevalent in our society.

Art and design in this show are totally rocking and similar to the 90’s cartoon designs.  With the 2D shape, bright colors, and art designs similar to a newspaper comic, the art will catch the eye of the viewers, especially the younger viewers.  The characters’ facial shape are pretty much the same, with half of the characters having oval heads, and the other half having melon-shaped heads, but the designs are different from one another, making it easier for viewers to identify which character is which.  Another comical and unique element to this series is the parents.  Their bodies are shown in the series, but not their faces, as seen in the Charlie Brown comic strips and short films.

Now, on to the voice acting for this series: it is pretty well done, and the voice actors and actresses represent their characters well.  With some famous voice actresses, such as GreyDeLisle, who plays the twins Lola and Lana, and Lily, Lara Jill Miller, the voice of Lisa, and Jessica DiCicco, the voices of both Lynn and Lucy, they give their characters some neat voices that match their personalities and physical appearances.  This series also has some newcomers, like Liliana Mumy, who plays Lenni, and Grant Palmer, who plays the one and only, Lincoln.  These two voice actors, especially, are definitely going places with their amazing roles in The Loud House. 

The music, especially the opening of The Loud House, is very catchy.  With a 90’s rock music tune to the opening theme, you will end up even singing along with the song as you listen to it and even end up singing the song at random times.  Trust me, I am always singing this song whenever it comes on TV.  The background music has a bit of variety, depending on the scene or situations the characters are in, such as piano music for a sad moment, peppy music for an ecstatic scene – you know what I mean…

Nickelodeon always has cartoons that are in the comedy genre, and this one is no exception.  The comedic scenes are not just for the youngest viewers, but also to the teen and adult viewers.  Some scenes with Luan, the comedic character, definitely make me laugh when she states her cheesy puns, and also, a few of the characters have their sibling fights are hilarious to watch because they are relatable, but sometimes, the jokes and quarrels are used over and over again, making some of the jokes that were once comical into an overused cliché.

Another con I had with the show was the overuse of Lori, the oldest Loud sibling in the first few episodes of the series.  Her snobby character is not as exciting and unique as the other Loud siblings, such as Luna, Luan, and Lucy.  Also, I wanted more cheesy romance in this series, especially with the other teenagers in this series.  Are they going to have boyfriends in this series, or will Lori be the only Loud with a romantic life?

After watching up to the newest Loud House episode, I decided to give the series a four out of five stars and also naming this Nickelodeon cartoon one of the best I’ve seen in a while.  It is definitely worth the watch and wonderful to watch with your families, especially the younger siblings in your household.  If you are wanting to check this cartoon out on Nickelodeon, get ready for some awesome characters and lots of laughs, as you go on a comical journey with the unique and spontaneous Loud House.